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Reputable, service-oriented and maximum-total-benefits

Aqualiq is created by an energetic and passionate team with decades of experience in wastewater treatment field.

We provide the high-quality and economical equipment & service in water treatment industry, with a comprehensive technology and professional assistance.

We believe that the sustainable growth and development of our world shall be constructed on the environment-friendly concept, as we dedicate in having the “Water-trust” faith into our business culture with customers, to assure the mutual advantageous cooperation of environment and enterprise.

Water, a wonder liquid with trust.
Stevie Hsieh
CEO and Co-Funder
submersible MBR


MBR Technology in Wastewater Reusing

MBR is a wastewater treatment technology that offers many advantages including excellent effluent quality, stable operation performance, a small footprint, reduction of excess sludge production, reuse of effluent, reduction of risk substances and so on.

When one takes into consideration that fresh water serves as a precious resource for environment and enterprise, the ability to reuse treated water is one of the biggest advantages of using MBR technology.

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