Water Treatment

Configuring various applications to just meet your requirement

Whether the purified water is for daily use, drinking or industrial, Aqualiq Solutions® water treatment system could guarantee efficient and stable water quality in any conditions.

Our high technology system takes about conventional filtration method, chemical reaction and modern NF/MF membrane system.

Automatic operation simplifies and minimizes the system control to reduce the manpower needs.

Capacity of Water Treatment System could be up to 10,000 CMD; the sludge treatment system will be designed per customer request in sludge drying bed or mechanical de-watering  equipment.

Raw Water Storage Tank

Raw Water
Storage Tank

Chemical Dosing System

Dosing System

Flash mixing & Coagulation Tank

Flash Mixing

Flash mixing & Coagulation Tank


Sedimentation Tank


AQUALIQ® Water Treatment System - Advantage and Performance

  • Well calculated function design with  proper land use planning

  • Provides stable technology for softening, iron & manganese removal and sand removal (Pre-treatment).

  • Membrane technology (MF & UF)  to save the land area and provide great water quality of filtrate (NTU < 1)

  • Full automatic control system (PLC w/ HMI, SMART Water system)