MBR Process

Membrane Biological Reactor = Ultra-filtration

Aqualiq Solutions® MBR process combines a biological treatment and a membrane process for complete removal of organic substances, suspended solids and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

The system is extremely compact and requires less land area than any other system, the clairifer could be replaced.

Aqualiq Solutions® MBR provides the filtration performance to 0.1 µm (micron) as the “Ultra Filtration”.


  1. Returned activated sludge (RAS) rate shall be 3 ~ 6 Q, depends on the MLSS
  2. Negative pressure shall be maintained for filtrate
  3. Aeration tank MLSS shall not exceed the 12,000 mg/L (Hollow fiber MBR)
  4. Pre-treatment for 1 mm screening equipment shall be adopted
MBR System Comparsion Table

AQUALIQ® MBR System - Advantage and Performance

  • No requirement for the secondary sedimentation tank and provides longer SRT and higher MLVSS

  • Use less land area for more efficient treatment capability

  • Provides better effluent water quality for further reusing purpose

  • Offering the pre-treatment evaluation of existing WWTP, avoid the winding by clothe or fiber as S.S.