Aeration Design

Make all the air is aerated and complete mixing

Aqualiq Solutions® aeration system could help you to enlarge the biological treatment function to the maximum, with the well calculated formula (AOR & SOR) and decades of experience.

Air mixing for equalization tank is suitable as well.

Aqualiq Solutions® aeration system provides the full scale of aeration design with equipment supply.

The fine bubble diffuser or tube could be supplied with piping networks, the JET aerator could be offered as well.

AQUALIQ® Aeration System - Advantage and Performance

  • Actual Oxygen Requirement (AOR) calculation for tank volume verifying

  • Provides complete aeration system design with layout

  • Aeration blower sizing and aeration piping network design / supply

  • Satisfy the requirement of contaminant degradation (COD & BOD)