Aeration Piping

From USA with perfectly calculated formula!

Aqualiq Solutions® aeration piping manufacutures aeration piping in PVC, CPVC, PP, and Stainless Steel. Per the special request or condition from customer, we have made HDPE systems as well. Our standard systems throughout most of the world are built with PVC or PP pipes, and we have the experience to recommend the right material for your project. Pipe material and thickness recommendations can vary based on temperature, depth, and duty, which we could help you to perform the equipment sizing (Quantity of Fine Bubble Diffusers).

Aqualiq Solutions® Fine Bubble Diffuser is high durable with great performance of oxygen transferring efficiency.

Equipment features:

  1. Easy installation with different materials adoption
  2. Rapid installation with pre-assembly piping networks
  3. Meet the requirement of Aeration system
  4. Modify to the retrofitting project