Wastewater Treatment

Treat your wastewater with environmental conservation in lower cost

Aqualiq Solutions® wastewater treatment system will be designed per your wastewater data and available footprint to integrate the BEST treatment system for your application.

Not only the activated sludge method but the coagulation method included, the control mechanism could be operated fully automatically and be connected to the online water analysis instrument for monitoring and adjustment.

We are experienced in the high contaminant wastewater, especially the Textile and dying wastewater.

Raw Water Storage Tank


Aeration Tank


Sedimentation Tank


Flash mixing & Coagulation Tank

Flash Mixing

Air Flotation Tank

Air Flotation

AQUALIQ® Wastewater Treatment System - Advantage and Performance

  • Unique and efficient extended aeration for the improved activated sludge method

  • MBR design for limited land use and strict discharge standard

  • Fat, oil and grease (F.O.G.) removal technology for pre-treatment equipment design

  • Full automatic control system (PLC w/ HMI, SMART Water system)

Water Treatment_Aeration Design

Aeration Design

Design aeration system in wastewater treatment and aquaculture industry with dedicated equipment.

Wastewater Treatment_Membrane Bio-Reactor

MBR Process

Design and distributing submersible MBR system with surrounding utilities and piping layout.

Water Treatment_Aeration Design

Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal

Reduce to a minimum content of nitrogen and phosphorus in the wastewater by anaerobic digestion method.