Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal

Reduction in nitrogen and phosphorous levels

Aqualiq Solutions® Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal system provides A/O (MLE), AOAO (Bardenpho), A2O (UCT), Oxidation Ditch and SBR (Sequential Batching Reactor) method to meet the customer requirement and limitation in existent conditions.

Aqualiq Solutions® Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal system reduces to a minimum the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater in addition to significantly reducing organic matter (BOD), ammonia and suspended solids. Furthermore, it eliminates odor nuisances as the sludge is stabilized in the process.

The process formula:

  • Nitrification: NH4+ + 2O2 → NO3- + 2H+ + H2O
  • Denitrification: NO3- → NO2- → NO → N2O → N2

AQUALIQ® Nitrogen & Phosphorus System - Advantage and Performance

  • Provides the greater removal rate of Nitrogen and Phosphorus with complete biological system design

  • Offering related equipment and anaerobic sludge seeding

  • A/O method could be combined with MBR system for further reusing purpose