Water Reusing System

Maximize the use of water resources with the reuse system

Aqualiq Solutions® water reusing system is more advanced version of water treatment system with membrane application where it eliminates wastewater discharges as well as reduces the water usages.

The economic value increasement of the treatment system through reduced water cost while minimizing impact on environment and preventing pollution.


  • Elimination of wastewater discharge, reduction of water usage
  • Well designed system to fit in the request recovery rate
  • Highly customized system
  • Mobile and containerized reusing system is applicable

AQUALIQ® Water Reusing System - Advantage and Performance

  • Provides multi-media filtration (MMF) for the preliminary reusing water per the standard requirement

  • Designs UF and RO module for industrial wastewater reusing system with customized recovery rate

  • Complete planning for reusing system total solution, including process wastewater and general sewage 

  • Detailed investigation and evaluation of discharge and reusing standard for CPAEX & OPEX