Water Monitoring System

Monitoring your Cost in a smart way!

Aqualiq Solutions® water monitoring system provides you to monitor multiple water quality parameters with a fully integrated, easy to use and economical system.

The monitoring system could be interconnected with several instruments from pH & ORP, COD, BOD, S.S. & Turbidity, E.C. and T.O.C..etc.

Our monitoring system is based on the AMAZON AWS server for quick and safe application.

Continuous Water Monitoring System (CWMS) could be optioned to your treatment plant, in order to identify poor water quality in real-time and on-lined feedback with APP control.

AQUALIQ® Water Monitoring System - Advantage and Performance

  • Interconnecting site instruments with expandable capability to other analysers  

  • Simple interface for customer monitoring

  • Interlocking the site instruments and equipment by system condition monitoring application

  • Cloud-based remote monitoring increases efficiencies, optimizes personnel resources and reduces costs