Telescope Valve

Telescope Valve

Easy Installation and locating with great performance!

Aqualiq Solutions® Telescope Valve is consisted of valve pedestal, adjusting mechanism with rising stem, slip tube and companion flange.

Operation mechanism:

The sludge is discharged hydraulically by the difference between the top water level of sedimentation basin and the level of the discharge port of the telescope valve.

When not in de-sludging operation, the discharge port of the telescope valve is raised above the top water level of the sedimentation basin.

To initiate de-sludging operation, the telescope valve is lowered by electrical actuator such that the discharge port is below the water level of the sedimentation basin. The de-sludging duration and differential levels, which controls the rate of de-sludging, shall be by operator adjustable in DCS.

  • Material shall be S.S. 304 and S.S. 316 or above grade.
  • The actuator could be supplied optionally.

Sludge Scraper

Aeration Piping

From USA with perfectly calculated formula!

Aqualiq Solutions® aeration piping manufacutures aeration piping in PVC, CPVC, PP, and Stainless Steel. Per the special request or condition from customer, we have made HDPE systems as well. Our standard systems throughout most of the world are built with PVC or PP pipes, and we have the experience to recommend the right material for your project. Pipe material and thickness recommendations can vary based on temperature, depth, and duty, which we could help you to perform the equipment sizing (Quantity of Fine Bubble Diffusers).

Aqualiq Solutions® Fine Bubble Diffuser is high durable with great performance of oxygen transferring efficiency.

Equipment features:

  1. Easy installation with different materials adoption
  2. Rapid installation with pre-assembly piping networks
  3. Meet the requirement of Aeration system
  4. Modify to the retrofitting project

Membrane CIP Device

Membrane CIP Device

Clean In Place for your Membrane!

Aqualiq Solutions® Membrane CIP (Clean In Place) Device provides the best solution for chemical cleaning on site, which it could help to extend your membrane life cycle. The modification of existing membrane module is offered per customer requirement.

The design philosophy of Aqualiq Solutions® Membrane CIP (Clean In Place) Device is listed as below:

  • Pipeline: UPVC in Sch80
  • Control mechanism: Electric butterfly valve with PLC/HMI surface (Option) / Manual union type ball valve
  • Pump: Foot mounted centrifugal type with S.S. 304 or plastic material

The flux of existing membrane module is considered to have 95% recovery rate after proper cleaning; however, the cleaning result shall depend on the water quality and existing membrane module design; all the cleaning method shall follow the FilmTec™ - DuPont’s procedure.

Equipment Feature:
  1. Independent device skid without membrane elements pull out requirement
  2. Automatic operation (Option) to ease the manpower loading
  3. Modification for existing membrane module is offered
  4. Extremely suitable for the membrane module which not equipped with CPI system

Oil Removal Device

Oil Removal Device-CPI

A Great Helper for Oily Effluents!

Aqualiq Solutions® CPI (Corrugated-Plate Interceptor) units provide oil and water separation for the several of industrial wastewater and sewage (emulsified oil shall have the further treatment). The unit is designed to remove all free oil from contaminated streams to comply with the strictest of discharge requirements.

The oil corrugated plate pack of Aqualiq Solutions® CPI is made of F.R.P and all of its components are manufactured in stainless steel to the highest quality standards. All equipment and materials are extremely reliable and often designed to withstand unattended locations.

The tank body could be civil structure with special design per customer specification.

Equipment Feature:
  • Compliance standard: EN 858-1 (2002)
  • Free Oil outlet: 5 ppm

Rainwater Recycling System

Rainwater Recycling System

Turning a Liability into an Asset and Circulation!

Aqualiq Solutions® rainwater recycling system helps you get LEED V4™ points on your green building project! Many construction companies interested in water harvesting are also considering LEED certification for their project to gain the additional floor area ratio.

Rainwater Recycling Process:

As rainwater comes into the system from the roof or parking area, there is usually one or more stages of filtration before the storage cistern.

It is usually necessary to sanitize the water to kill algae, parasites or viruses that could enter the storage system from the source or be introduced in storage; many municipalities require sterilization for public safety.


Water Efficiency Credits:

    → Option A:
    No irrigation required. Show that the landscape does not require a permanent irrigation system beyond a maximum two-year establishment period.
    → Option B:
    Reduced irrigation. Reduce the project’s landscape water requirement by at least 30% from the calculated baseline for the site’s peaking watering month.
    Earn 1 point for a 25% reduction in indoor water usage, 2 points for a 30% reduction, 3 points for 35%, etc., all the way up to 6 points for a 50% reduction.
    → For 2 points:
    Maximum number of cycles achieved without exceeding any filtration levels or affecting operation of condenser water system (up to maximum of 10 cycles).
    → For 3 points:
    Achieve a minimum 10 cycles by increasing the level of treatment in condenser or make-up water, OR achieve the number of cycles for 1 point and use a minimum 20% recycled nonportable water.
    Install permanent water meters for the following water subsystems, as applicable to the project:
    ▸Meter water systems serving at least 80% of the irrigated landscaped area.
    ▸Calculate the percentage of irrigated landscape area served as the total metered irrigated landscape area divided by the total    irrigated landscape area.
    ▸Indoor plumbing fixtures and fittings.
    ▸Meter water systems serving at least 80% of the indoor fixtures and fitting described in WE Prerequisite Indoor Water Use Reduction, either directly or by deducting all other measured water use from the measured total water consumption of the building and grounds.

Sustainable Sites Credits:

    Implement the following strategies to reduce the annual volume of rainwater runoff from the existing site’s baseline condition:
    Use Low Impact Development (LID) practices to capture and treat water from 25% of the impervious surfaces from 1.2” (30 millimeters) of rainfall.
    Rainwater collection system capturing and reusing 25% of the runoff from impervious surfaces.

Integrative Process Credit:

Beginning in pre-design and continuing throughout the design phases, identify and use opportunities to achieve synergies across disciplines and building systems described below. Use the analyses to inform the owner’s project requirements (OPR), basis of design (BOD), design documents, and construction documents. Worth one (1) point.

Rainwater Recycling System-Section02_process
Rainwater Recycling System-Section03_process
Rainwater Recycling System-Section04_module

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal

Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal

Reduction in nitrogen and phosphorous levels

Aqualiq Solutions® Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal system provides A/O (MLE), AOAO (Bardenpho), A2O (UCT), Oxidation Ditch and SBR (Sequential Batching Reactor) method to meet the customer requirement and limitation in existent conditions.

Aqualiq Solutions® Nitrogen & Phosphorus Removal system reduces to a minimum the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater in addition to significantly reducing organic matter (BOD), ammonia and suspended solids. Furthermore, it eliminates odor nuisances as the sludge is stabilized in the process.

The process formula:

  • Nitrification: NH4+ + 2O2 → NO3- + 2H+ + H2O
  • Denitrification: NO3- → NO2- → NO → N2O → N2
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal-Flow01_AOAO Process

AQUALIQ® Nitrogen & Phosphorus System - Advantage and Performance

  • Provides the greater removal rate of Nitrogen and Phosphorus with complete biological system design

  • Offering related equipment and anaerobic sludge seeding

  • A/O method could be combined with MBR system for further reusing purpose

Inclined Tube

Inclined Tube

Strong, Compact Structure 50% Smaller than Open Basin

Aqualiq Solutions® inclined tube can improve the performance of sedimentation tank, which it will significantly reduce the basin footprint with better solids removal performance.

Equipment Feature:
  1. Significantly higher TSS removal
  2. Smaller basin footprint than original settling tanks
  3. Increased treatment capacity
  4. Cost-savings on space, land, construction and clarification
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Customized sludge removal to meet demand in all clarification phases
  7. High TSS removal in secondary basins may eliminate tertiary treatment and reduce filter costs

Submersible Lifting Pumps

Submersible Lifting Pumps

Better Cost Effectiveness Consideration!

Aqualiq Solutions® distributes the high-quality Submersible Lifting Pumps for residential buildings and commercial buildings, covered from 0.5 HP to 150 HP with cast iron and stainless-steel material selection.

The lifting device could be equipped in option per customer request.

  1. Pump is made in Taiwan
  2. Inlet water shall be Clean Water only
  3. Suitable for the residential using without noise
Inquiry for other types of pump is accepted. 

UF Membrane

UF (Ultra Filtration) Membrane

Best treatment for filtration!

Aqualiq Solutions® UF membrane is the hollow fiber of PVDF pressurized UF element, which it has the property of strong chemical resistance, less fouling, widely applied to the industrial wastewater treatment.


Equipment features:
  1. Hydrophilicity modified PVDF with high chemical resistance
  2. Low operating pressure for energy saving
  3. Great performance:
        ● Turbidity ≦ 0.1 NTU
        ● SDI ≦ 3
        ● S.S. ≦ 1 mg/L
  4. Origin / Production: USA / China
  5. Brand: Membrane Solutions

Submersible MBR

Submersible MBR

Membrane Bio-Reactor (Ultra-filtration)

Aqualiq Solutions® MBR module is the best technology for wastewater treatment and reusing applications, which it is properly designed for high removal rate of physical and organic pollutants from wastewater.

The MLSS of aeration tank will be increased to 8,000 mg/L - 12,000 mg/L, depends on the inlet wastewater characteristics.


Equipment features:
  1. No need for further sedimentation system
  2. S.S. of discharges shall no greater than 2 mg/L
  3. Modular design to easily integrate into existing plant
  4. Longer expected lifetime and high clogging & fouling resistant
  5. Reinforced PVDF hollow fiber membrane